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A 2D physics simulation library.


A set of platform as a service products that use OS-level virtualization to deliver software in packages called containers.

Global Game Jam

An event that takes place every january, where people come together to develop a game in 48 hours.

Hot Module Replacement

HMR allows you to update code in your development server and seeing changes in the browser without losing state.


JSX is the HTML-like syntax react uses to define components. TSX is just the TypeScript variant of it. Both are not necessarily linked to React.


The main language for developing code on the web.


A popular web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy, load balancer, mail proxy and HTTP cache

Partial Hydration

Partial hydration is the process of partially reconnecting server-generated HTML with JavaScript code to make it interactive.

Progressive Enhancement

Progressive Enhancement is when the core functionality of your website is always present, but advanced functionality is enabled if the browser supports it.


React is a popular UI framework for JavaScript and TypeScript.

Toilet Paper

A Toilet Paper is a short article on a technical topic, published on rest rooms.


A superset of JavaScript, which adds static typing.

Web Development

Anything that is related to web development. Be it frontend, backend, tooling, etc.


Web-Extensions are modern 'plugins' for browser, for example ad-blockers.


OpenGL for browsers.